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Shamanic Sound Healing 

Medicine Song & Mantra for Soul Integration & Energy Attunement


Enjoy the deepest    sound healing sessions   for inner expansion 


One-to-one sessions, group sound journeys and energy work within and outside the body’s energy field utilsing channeled medicine song and mantra.

Restore balance on every level — physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual

Intuitive throat singing, overtones, polyphonic sounding, primal sounds and ancestral song to root you into your body and to help transmute collective trauma.

Conscious shamanic connection with celestial realms, earth realms and subconscious realms AKA upper, middle and lower worlds. 

This is powerful and intense inner and outer energy work to help you embody all-that-you-are, offering a grounded and rooted experience of healing energy.

A little bit about me…

Andrew David Clare (Kokoro)

I am a certified and experienced Sound Healer and natural Shaman with a gift of channeling sound. I was born into a mediumistic family and have been of a path of Spirit for over 30 years. I also play Tibetan Singing Bowls, Flute and Spirit Drum.

Sound Healing

Sound Healing creates specific tones and harmonies that penetrate energy blocks and help open the energy centres of the body. Drum and flute add to the dynamic but mainly channled voice is used. I also use my hands to direct vibrations using mudra and movement.

Other Therapies

I am a Energy Healer and can offer gentle Hands-on-Healing with or without sound. I can combine Hands-on with Shamanic Healing techniques to extract energies, cut cords, soul integration and attunements.


Sacred sound journeys   channeled song & sound


I hold space for Sacred Sound Journeys from 4 people upwards. A unique experience to be held collectively as we journey through a spirit led intuitive healing process using my drum, voice and other instruments.

Sacred Sound Journeys create deep resonant frequencies that harmonise with the collective energy field in an empathic, intuitive way that allows an attunement and energy shifting process to bring our energies into peace and harmony.

Client Testimonials

What recepients have to say about their healing sessions

I can highly recommend Andrew’s healing. Andrew is a skilled healer and pure channel, he has a very grounded professional approach and is highly connected to Great Spirit and all that is.

During my treatment, I felt very safe and supported, Andrew worked with a combination of sacred sound, light language, cord cutting and soul retrieval in a unique way. After my treatment, I felt like a weight had lifted from me. I really feel that I benefited from the session. I felt very relaxed, peaceful and at ease.


Having been a medical secretary for many years and having tried a few other alternative therapies in the past with no success I was very sceptical, but was prepared to give anything a chance I felt so desperate for help. I was totally amazed at my first session at what I felt.

Andy is a very calm and compassionate person who immediately makes you feel at ease. I could feel the heat from his hands and feel it travelling around my body. Various part of me, mainly my knees had sensations…


Andrew is a truly gifted healer and channeler who has wonderfully positive and grounded energy. He is compassionate and truly cares about helping and healing others.

I always feel at ease around his energy, and he has understood my needs and assisted me in my healing journey by channeling and using sound frequencies in a unique way that resonates on many levels of awareness.


Beautiful pure healing energy, Andy’s passion at helping others shines through.



I had a beautiful session with Andy last week & found it very nurturing , balancing & healing – thankyou Andy.



You are unique and so much of you is beyond the words. In colour and feel and a miriad of dimensions…



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Multidimensional Shamanism 

I’m what they call a Spirit initiated Shaman and I work with Animal Spirits, Human Spirits, Elementals and Star Beings. This is a simple definition based on a Upper, Middle and Lower world view of the universe contained in Core Shamanism, however the reality is a much more multidimensional experience of oneness, with the body being a vessel for Spirit. I view us as all one collective spirit experiencing 3D reality in our seperate bodies whilst we are receptive vehicles of conscious reality, able to tap into streams of consciousness, memories, information, inspiration, creativity and sound.

I come from a family of mediums and was raised in a spiritual tradition of connection to Spirit from the age of 5. I had no idea I would become a Sound Shaman, which has become my purpose after many years of learning to open and channel with my voice. I would never call myself a Shaman if I didn’t truly walk this path of walking between worlds. Sometimes I do like to connect out to the universe and visualise other worlds but really I just like to drum, sing and dance, fall into a trance and let Spirit move through me to do what is intended for healing, with my mind out of the way as much as possible. CONTACT BELOW

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